Exchange Guide

What is an exchange, and how does it work with RTX?

What does exchange do for timeshare owners?

Have you ever felt limited in your options to travel and utilize your timeshare? Are you tired of going to the same location year after year? Have your travel habits changed, leaving you feeling stuck with your current ownership? Resort Travel & Xchange (RTX) is your solution to these problems and many more. With RTX, you are able to exchange your usage (points, float week, or fixed week), allowing you to travel to and experience exciting new locations.

How does it usually work?

Traditionally, exchange companies work as a third party that will attempt to facilitate trading of usage between members for the cost of membership and an exchange fee. The members of these exchange companies must belong to specific resorts, meaning they are limited to searching other ‘member resorts’ when they attempt to make an exchange. While this approach does open up more options for members of these companies, it is also restrictive because there may or may not be a ‘member resort’ in the location to which they wish to travel.

Additionally, the costs associated with these companies’ memberships and exchange fees are becoming increasingly prohibitive.

What makes RTX different?

RTX’s business model is different. At RTX, we will accept usage from members without requiring them to choose a specific resort. While you can make a specific request for exchange, you are primarily encouraged to make requests by location/region, opening up the possibility for travel to resorts and destinations that would otherwise be unavailable.

So how does it work? You have two ways that you can exchange with RTX. The first option is bank-first. This means that you are depositing your usage (points or weeks) with RTX before you have an exchange destination planned. You may be depositing your usage because you know you will not be able to travel during your specific week or before the end of your usage year. RTX is a great way to extend the life of your vacation beyond its usage year. Many members opt to save two or more years of usage with the program, allowing them to take one big vacation later on.

The second way RTX works for you is the request-first option. This option is very popular, and actually allows our members to make a request and review available options before committing their points or week to the program. While other exchange companies require you to deposit your usage before they will conduct a search, RTX members are able to ensure that they are getting what they want before they deposit their own usage. Any time you wish to make an exchange with RTX, there is a flat fee of $117 payable at the time of booking. Click here to see information on rebates that will post to your account every time you make an exchange. The rebates vary depending on your level of membership.

How does RTX make sure people get a fair trade for their weeks?

RTX members who own a week will have their week assigned to one of four seasons, which will determine when and where you will be able to exchange. The seasons are rated by color, including gold (peak), red, yellow and green (off-peak). You will be able to exchange into a color season and unit size comparable to your deposit. Click here for more information about the Premium Plus membership, which offers the benefit of unit size upgrades. Click here for information on how long your usage will last when you deposit it with RTX.

How does RTX make sure people get a fair trade for their points?

RTX and points based vacation ownership programs, like the Festiva Adventure Club, have special agreements that allow members to deposit their points directly into RTX. There is no need to use the points to make a reservation to deposit, meaning that you will no longer need to worry about the possibility of there not being a suitable week available for you to deposit. Simply deposit your points into RTX, and then use them to book your exchange vacation! RTX seeks to cut out the unnecessary steps and make the process of getting you on vacation less of a hassle.

Keep learning!

This is just an overview of what a vacation exchange is and how RTX works to facilitate exchanges for its members. For more information please see our Frequently Asked Questions section, or give us a call at 888-988-4789. RTX representatives are standing by to help answer all of your questions and send you on vacation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q.

    We love the Caribbean Islands and have traveled to many of them using (COMPANY NAME REMOVED). We exchange sometimes but are mostly interested in Caribbean vacations without exchanging. We are interested in St Lucia or Turks and Caicos in April/May 2013. Can we provide the weeks we would like to go and you find a resort for us or do we have to keep checking for one to show up? In other words, what advantage is RTX over (COMPANY NAME REMOVED) for vacations without exchanging our week. Thanks for your comments.

    - Melissa Adams


    Thanks Melissa for the comment. It sounds like you have great vacation plans!

    There’s a number of key differences between RTX and other exchange companies in general. We work for you, not the resorts, so you do not need to keep checking for a week to show up. Tell us where you want to go and when, and we’ll start actively searching for resorts in that region for your vacation, and not just in a constrained list of "affiliated resorts".

    Let us know where you want to go and when, and we’ll start looking! Call us or Email and let us know what you have in mind. We look forward to hearing about your next Caribbean adventure!

  2. Q.

    Thinking about changing from our current exchange company to yours. It looks like you help find a vacation spot from when and where we are looking to go. Is that correct? Do you have a catalog with the places you have available? How would I know about the $49 deals?



    Thanks Shannon!

    We’re thrilled to have you! We do help you find a vacation destination from where and when you want to go. We work a little differently as we do not have a list of affiliated resorts that we have our members stay in due to contractual obligations. We can put in a request anywhere. If you’d like, we can send you with some examples of where our members have gone recently, or some of the most popular exchange destinations. And, rest assured, it’s 100% risk free. You won’t have to formally deposit your week until you confirm that it is the vacation that you want.

    The $49 weeks are reserved as deals only for Premium Plus members. Premium members also have access to these weeks for $199. Neither require you to deposit a week or pay any kind of exchange fee. If you are a Festiva member or owner, Premium and Premium Plus benefits start in January, after the FTX portion of our agreement is complete. At which point you’ll be able to log in to view these deals or sign up for email or text alerts to reserve them as soon as they’re released.

    We hope this sounds appealing. Why don’t you give us a call when it’s convenient for you at (888) 988–4RTX and we can go through the program and make sure everything is clear. We’re looking forward to getting you on vacation!

  3. Q.

    We are members of Festiva Adventure Club. We currently have 9500 points remaining to use in 2012. We would like to go to Hawaii, Maui, for two weeks in January, February or March, maybe even April of 2013. We would like to bring two other couples with us so would need a three bed room. First off what would we need to make that happen? We are currently members of [COMPANY NAME REMOVED] and I have been looking at there resorts and only see two that offer three bedrooms. I forgot to mention we would prefer to stay on the Kaanapali side of Maui.

    Hope you can help. Please let me know either way

    -Marvin Loper


    Thanks Marv,

    That’s a great question!

    In order to submit a request for a destination through RTX, it is encouraged to contact the RTX department at 888-988-4789 or via email at If for some reason we are unable to locate a 3 bedroom unit as 3 bedroom units are harder to come by in Hawaii, we will continue our search for unit sizes that will accommodate the amount of people you are traveling with and provide you with different options when it comes to using your points.

    We do have resorts in Ka’anapali, and we will continue to search for you!

  4. Q.

    i am already a member of [COMPANY NAME REMOVED]. do i have to cancel it to join rtx?

    - amy


    Hi Amy!

    RTX is another option available to owners which provides you additional services that you may not have through [COMPANY NAME REMOVED]. The benefits that are included with RTX are somewhat similar to those you might find with [COMPANY NAME REMOVED] but will not replace your current membership if you chose to stay with [COMPANY NAME REMOVED].

  5. Q.

    I am a member of the Festiva Adventure Club as well as the Fesyiva Adventure Platinum Rewards program in which I have 65,000 reward credits. Can I use these credits in the RTX program? Also, is there going to be a list of the resorts/hotels/cruises posted on this website that we can review for possible exchanges? Thanks, I look forward to your reply.

    - Robert Cardini


    Thanks Robert!

    The 65,000 credits that you have available through Festiva Adventure Club Platinum Rewards can only be used towards discounts off of cruises, resort stays, experiential vacations or tours. The credits can not be transferred into the RTX program as they are specifically held in your FACPR account. Once our agreement with the Fetiva Adventure Club for Premium Membership starts in January of 2013, you will be able to view the different resorts/hotels/cruises that are available for possible exchanges.

    I hope this answers your question! We look forward to getting you on a great vacation. Please give us a call to start exchanging or to be more specific towards your situation.

  6. Q.

    I currently have 9100 deferred points with Festiva Adventure Club. Must I transfer these points through FTX or can I transfer them directly to RTX Travel? What length of time will I have to use those points for travel exchange and how do points transfer to weeks of vacation time?

    - Bob Smith


    Thanks Bob!

    You are able to transfer the points directly into RTX and the 9,100 deferred points will be good for an additional 2 years from the date that you bank them. If you chose to upgrade & become a member of the Premium Plus option, your deferred points will be good for an additional 3 years from the date you bank them.

    We’re looking forward to helping you get on vacation!

  7. Q.

    We have deposited our 2012 week at Vacation Village with [COMPANY NAME REMOVED]. Since February 2012, we have been on request list for Aruba for anytime between January 20 and March 20, 2013 without success.

    Is it possible for us to move that request to RTX or is it too late as the deposited week has passed.

    Thank you. I await a reply.

    - Jacie Daley


    Hey Jacie! That’s a great question. Unfortunately, any week that has been deposited with another exchange company cannot be transferred into your RTX account. Unlike other exchange companies, you are able to submit a request for a destination prior to depositing your week making your request 100% risk-free. Contact us at 888-988-4RTX to speak with one of our specialists to submit your search today!

  8. Q.

    We are members of the Festiva Adventure Club. It is my understanding if we have points we want to defer with RTX there will be no additional fee to do so. Am I correct?

    - Beverly King


    Hey Beverly! What an excellent question! There are no additional fees to bank your usage with us. The only fee that would apply when exchanging your points is the low $117 exchange fee at the time of confirming a reservation and depending your membership level, you can get up to a $40 rebate for each exchange that you complete and you can apply these rebates to your next exchange fee.

  9. Q.

    Does your program include week owners and do you have a online list of resort to choose from? Thanks

    - Thomas Holender


    Hello Thomas! Thanks for asking! Rest assured, RTX is certainly available for weeks owners! As far as an online list for resorts for you to choose from – We work for you, not our network of affiliated resorts unlike other exchange companies. Because we’re not tied down with exclusive agreements, we can submit a request into any resort in the area you’re looking for. A resort directory may seem like it’s giving you a lot of options, but in reality it’s constraining you to vacation at resorts that have affiliation agreements with your exchange company. We will actively keep your request open until we are able to locate a unit which fulfills your needs and wants for vacationing with your family. Contact us at 888-988-4RTX to submit your exchange request today!

  10. Q.

    Can you put me on vacation, please? I lost my first year of points not understanding fully about the program. Was on point the next year and this year understand that my points are banked with you. I only have 2,000 and another 2,000 next year and hope this can get me somewhere within the next few months. I’ll also need help understanding how this all works and love the idea that I can give you a call. Again, can you put me on vacation, please . . .

    - Charlene


    Hi Charlene! One of the great options that are available with RTX is being able to bank your usage and which allows your points to accumulate in your RTX account so you can plan those family vacations that you have always dreamed of. Depending on your membership level, the usage that is banked can have a lifespan of up to 4 additional years. There are several other great options for you to plan vacations by being a member of RTX – Please contact us at 888-988-4RTX to speak with one of our specialists to get you on vacation today!

  11. Q.

    I have 2 timeshares, one is points and 1 is week every other year. Can I use RTX for either or both units? Do I have to pay 2 memberships, one for each resort, or just 1?

    - Joy Sharpe


    Hi Joy! What a great question! You are able to enroll into RTX and use any other timeshare that you might be an owner of for the cost of one membership! Please feel free to contact RTX at 888-988-4789 to speak with a specialist to get you signed up today!

  12. Q.

    1. What is the difference between FTX and RTX?

    2. I was recently at a “thank you” dinner for my timeshare for which I have a “week.” They were trying to have me purchase into “points.” When I asked about RTX I was told that there were only 4 or 5 resorts that I could exchange into since I was a “weeks” owner. I am confused.

    - Krys


    Hi there! Great questions! FTX was an exchange opportunity for Festiva members which only allowed Festiva members to exchange to properties outside of the Festiva family of resorts. Since then, Festiva has developed a new and exciting partnership with RTX which not only allows Festiva members to exchange their usage but weeks owners and owners of other timeshares as well! IF you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact RTX and speak with a specialist at 888-988-4789! Thanks and have a great day!

  13. Q.

    Hello, we’re just joining from Festiva. I’m planning a trip for the first week in March for 3 adults, one just finishing high school, and considering a visit to Savannah, GA. Would you be able to help us find a good place to stay in the historic area? If not there, what options would there be in Hilton Head?

    Thank you!

    - Charles Fields


    Hi Charles! Thanks for submitting a great question! Sounds like you have great vacation ideas in March! You can contact RTX and speak with a specialist where they can submit a special request for the Savannah, GA or Hilton Head, SC area at 888-988-4789. We hope you have a great day!

  14. Q.

    Tell me about exchanging a week for a cruise.

    - Larry Bussard


    Hey Larry! What an excellent question! Being a member of RTX allows you to not only exchange your week or usage for resort stays, you can also use it towards a cruise as well! This is known as a cruise exchange – you are able to apply your week or usage towards a discount off of a cruise. The discount depends on a number of things: your week, when and where you’re wanting to cruise, length of cruise, and how many cabins you are interested in booking. Why don’t you give us a call at 888-988-4789?

    Thanks and have a great day!